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Published Sep 28, 21
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28. Follow Company Jobs Accounts Many companies have specific Twitter accounts dedicated to their hiring initiatives—and following them is a great way to stay on top of any new jobs. If it is a smaller company or doesn’t have a dedicated jobs account, following the main company account for places you’d like to work is a good idea.

Follow Major Players in Your Field Doing this is a great way to start building a community, start interacting with others in your field, and—if they follow you back—start being seen as a thought leader. A great way to begin engaging with strangers on Twitter is to re-tweet one of their posts that you like or reply to an article they posted thanking them for sharing or giving your two cents.

You can develop a rapport with people you may not have access to in real life (social media, social media manager, social media management, social media accounts, social media managers, social media marketing, social media strategy, social media platforms, content calendar, new york, social media profiles, account manager, social media account, public relations, target audience, social media specialist, social networks, social media presence, manager jobs, social network, social media specialists, community manager, social media networks, social media audit, brand awareness, social media directory, social media users, influencer marketing, social accounts, customer service).” 30. Follow People at Your Dream Companies Besides following the experts and the companies, you should follow people who work at your dream companies, especially if they work in the departments of jobs you’re interested in.

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Second, they’ll often help you stay abreast of company happenings, making you look on top of your game during interviews. Finally, there’s a small chance that you’ll develop an actual connection by interacting with them on Twitter—potentially giving you an in at the company. 31. Create Lists of All the Amazing People You Follow Consider using Twitter’s list function to both help you keep up to date with the people who really matter amid the noise, and to show said people how much you admire them! Social recruiting expert Katrina Collier shares: “When you add users to a public list, they are notified—but this is a good thing, as it puts you on their radar again.” 32.

Use the Hashtag Search Function Keep an eye out on Twitter (and other social media platforms, for that matter) for hashtags relating to jobs. Employers who want to cast a wide net will often tweet out job applications with accompanying hashtags. You can also use that search bar to look for terms that apply to the job you want.

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Use Other Search Tools to Dig Deeper Twitter’s search function is, admittedly, imperfect. Luckily, there are plenty of external tools ready to help you out. Collier recommends Manage, Flitter for searching bios to find interesting people. Learn more about how she uses them here. 35. Use Keywords in Your Bio Recruiters sometimes use these same search tools on social media, so make it easier for them to find you for potential jobs by putting keywords related to your industry in your bio! If nothing else, it will help people more quickly understand you when they stumble across you or want to learn more after you reply to one of their tweets.

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37. Use Twitter to Improve Your In-Person Networking Going to a conference or other big networking event? You can use Twitter to connect with the people at the event even better! Many such events will have a hashtag that will allow you to see who else is talking about it and what they are saying.

Herman shares how she makes this work for her. 38. Don’t Hide Your Whole Profile While it is advisable to keep most of your Facebook profile restricted to friends and family, some parts of it should be viewable by the public if you’re searching for jobs. After all, employers will search for you on there to learn more about you, so you should have some information to show that you’re a normal, real person.

43. Get Industry-Specific There are plenty of other sites and networks out there that are dedicated to specific industries. Git, Hub is a prime example—if you’re a developer, it’s an essential place for showing off your work and connecting with others. If you’re a photographer? It would be smart to have a Flickr account.

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A writer? Try out Medium. If you’re not sure if there’s anything out there for your industry, ask a few colleagues or mentors to see if there’s anything you’re missing out on. 44. Use Them to Stand Out Consider using some of these other platforms to help you get a little more creative in your job search materials.

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